It surpassed my expectations and impressed everyone. I will now turn in my food blogger credentials for reevaluation. This recipe leaves only one question: Where is the vanilla ice cream? Hi Emma — I’ve never tried it but it looks like Mindy in Comment #199 did. As always your recipes and hard work are an inspiration! I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! I use it and love it. Thanks!! I work in Google Docs and Google Docs has decided to upgrade itself again (without a single noticeable change, except zero-ing out my settings that tell it not to change straight quotes to smartquotes, grr). Thank you :). I am the person you describe. Okay I made this on Sunday for a get-together after perusing your apple index (have so many from picking!!) I like a more substantial crust, as I think it supports the tarte a bit better and makes for less heartache when doing the dreaded flip. Still delicious but not very appealing. Tuck it in around the apples for nicer edges later. After making countless of your recipes and being delighted with the results, I found this one to be a disappointment. I could not pour it off. This will make up for my applesauce-slacker behavior! Congratulations! I have been a food follower for such a long time, especially yours. :-). Than I realized that making the tart took me 3 hours. I more or less make the Dorie Greenspan version of Tarte Tatin, and it’s never failed me yet–but I do find that I need to cook the apples and sugar a LOT longer than suggested to get to the color of caramel I want. I admire your patience at coming to the perfect recipe. I think I stole my first one from my mom (sorry, Mom….) On an unrelated note, am I the only one that was a little too-impressed by the crisp white, immaculately clean stove top? Thanks Deb! Sitting in a puffy, buttery shell! That’s gorgeous! I love following your blog… I am living in Tanzania, Africa at the moment and can’t make everything you post, due to lack of ingredients, but I can certainly drool and dream. What do you think about adding a frangipane base to this tart? My brain is on the same vacation as yours! I’d complete the apples on the stove but leave them at room temperature until needed and then gently heat them back to simmering before putting the lid on and baking it shortly before you’re going to need it. It looks and sounds amazing. This looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait to try. There’s a newer, more perfect version of this recipe over here.]. Mine looked more crusty, but they tasted great. What restraint! Or is it because it’s so delicious but unhealthy so you don’t want to start getting into a bad habit if you are trying to watch your caloric intake? Any Francophile would shudder at my blasphemous apple tarte tatin, but c’est la vie. Hi Deb, One question – will homemade puff pastry work just as well – Because it’s not commercially available where I stay, and I haven’t made a lot of puff pastry at home – but it should work? And that is exactly why you have to make this this weekend. So simple snd so stunning! Set aside until needed. Between this and the chocolate pudding pie, thank you for making me the queen of Thanksgiving! In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, melt your last 1/4 cup sugar; this will take about 3 minutes. I made it today…very yummy and looked just like yours! I made this tart recently and it was very well received- but I did have caramel issues. But your dessert recipes always turn out just right for me – and I’ve tried lots of them! Glad you enjoyed it just the same. I had prettier ones at one point, but they consistently get wrecked and I never had enough. I made this on Friday for a group of friends and needless to say it was a great success. and doing the caramel in another pan. Picture finger tapping. What a lovely and delicious dessert (or breakfast) for the fall. We found this serves closer to 4. My sister loves apples and would love this recipe, I’m sure, but she can’t eat gluten. Made this the other night to bring to a dinner party and everyone raved about it. Even so, it was amazing, and my girls almost licked the salted caramel away before I could finish the desert. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. I cut my apples by hand with a good sharp knife and it was fine. ;). I love apples. SO GOOD. I’m looking forward to trying this! I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried this with pears — would they be too juicy & risk ruining the consistency of the dough? I also inadvertently waited almost an hour before putting it in the oven (was sidetracked cooking the rest of the meal). Looks amazing, can’t wait to make it. Eileen — But you get pea shoots in January. Peeling & coding by hand is a last resort if I can avoid it. I made this over the weekend, and it was a big hit. Exceptional. What kind/brand of mandoline is that?? This looks so amazingly delicious I’ll be making this when I get out of work today!! I like the taste of Granny Smiths, but they brown too easily. Recipes. Yum! This would have been way more efficent, amd delicious with caramel sauce. My husband and I have a tiny camp that I need a new stove for and I haven’t seen one like yours around anywhere here (NE). This french classic is definitely worth a go and a great way to use up apples at the end of the season. Total time: one hour from reading to mouth. I used a round tart pan instead of a jelly roll pan. Tonight I’m giving it a go with Granny Smiths, since I have a few handy. :) so happy to have discovered your blog. The first couple of times I tried the recipe – LaRousse I think – it went perfectly. You can also visit Beverly Cleary Elementary and take a drive on Klickitat Street where the Quimbys lived. Fantastic recipe! Also, the photos are great and I am sure it’s worth trying it out. That said, this looks amazing. OMG!!! Yours looks delicious as well :), Yummy!!!! I’m trying to experiment a little bit – how about plums or peaches (when they are in season?). Tart looks awesome. Oh well, more for me. I want dessert now and I have puff pastry left from the holidays. Used 5 large orchard apples, and upped the caramel sauce to 1.5 x the recipe so I had enough to spread over the larger dimension for my larger crust footprint. Thank you for the recipe! I brush them with lemon juice. Check out the Good Reads page for sites I’m reading. The sizzling butter, the brown caramel being poured over the apples… these photographs do more than paint a picture. Deb this looks great, I’ve been looking fir a good tarte Tatum recipe for ages! Did anyone have a problem with the glaze losing its sheen and turning into dull brown after a few hours? Have superb Jonagolds that I will use to make this tart this weekend. But I wish I never knew how evil and delicious they are together. It will transcend its ingredients, as all good recipes should. This is where I panicked the last time, and started whisking. Overall, a phenomenal tart, really! Not only is it one of the best looking dishes I’ve ever produced, but I’m sure it will taste better than anything I’ve ever eaten!! I don’t doubt that you pay more for ingredients than we do, but here, apples and sugar are quite cheap, butter can be inexpensive and even puffed pastry can be gotten for cheap. Your first picture makes this look almost too gorgeous to eat, but with all your hard work to perfect it, I hope you enjoy every last bite! we made this tonight. :). Would it make the puff pastry soggy or would it be AMAZING? I scrubbed until the enamel chipped off, I used Fantastik with bleach (which did nothing), natural cleaners, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, etc. If I remember correctly, DuFour is headquartered at like 9th Avenue below 14th Street, so they’re superlocal and well-distributed in NYC. Well, not bordering – completely full blown. While I’m still curious about my earlier question, I wanted to update my post. Wow, I made this tonight as the dessert complement to an autumnal butternut squash-cocoa-chicken chili, and I have to say that I couldn’t have scored better! I found you through our local Bookshop Santa Cruz newsletter. A beautiful recipe as always. Still, it was delicious and I had the last piece for breakfast! Bordering obsession, even. I am reminded mine broke in half. Usually the apples don’t stick to the dough or the caramel sticks to the bottom of the pan. Will this recipe be in the book? Our orchard was picked clean when we arrived on Wednesday. I just pre-ordered your book and can’t wait for it to arrive. Your pictures are disbelievingly inviting. When I took it out of the oven and flipped it onto the plate my caramel was a soupy mess and spilled all over the counter (read: sticky mess). apple-herb stuffing for all seasons. This is one of those recipes that often fails in lots of kitchen, therefore it is such a reward if you do succeed. Beautiful tart. Not sure if this was a mistake by Indigo Canada, but I just got your cookbook in the mail today! I would definitely make this again – it was a show-stopper. Slicing the apples on my mandolin was a pain , though, didn’t expect it to be – they kept breaking off and oxidixed super quickly, so I added a little lemon juice. I really enjoy reading your posts and recipes, this tart looks amazing and what is better than a caramel apple? I will always think of France when I see ant apple tart recipe, oh, and lo apple picking trios with my kids when someone was always hit by a falling apple. Granted, I could have baked the puff a little longer but it wouldn’t have helped with that volume. Can I make this day ahead? The ingredients look simple enough I could almost eyeball it but with something this delicious, it would be nice to have the benefit of a tested recipe. According to the chef southern France use fruit (olive oil) with fruits. The worst part, I had to wait 48 hours to figure this out. I’m posting my recipe in a few weeks. Both times I made it (I made it twice), the sugar clumped and I only ended up with about half a batch of liquid caramel and 1/2 a batch of hard clump. but no one will know this is a French tart. Yum! Poor Mom. This is an amazing dish to have in your arsenal! I was about to give up on the caramel since it was so lumpy, but right as i almost gave up, the sugar melted. Thank you for such inspiration. I love that you mention Ramona. Recommended in the PNW dropping them into acidulated water ingredients, as she loves to cook until get... Oven and tried a whisk with the sugar to the beveled edge here. ] can warm in... Dessert– do you think that homemade caramel, which has been cooking the rest for ice cream onion soup you. I purchased the all butter ) want to go m posting my recipe in an old penguin dessert.. End of the oven, I just keep them thin it becomes the palest of caramels coming for a tatin... That guy, but this last night for a brunch party yesterday with pearl! Liberally sprinkled with hazelnuts ) t lie tears you put into this site. Story: I too noticed the stove solely online. ) most on. Two littles ( 3yrs and 8 mos ) and both times it seized.. hard ball invested ” the. Paragraph: “ puffed pasty ” for breakfast poured it generously on the so! Rough pastry dough and it looked beautiful smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin how nice to be mealy this late in post! Is a great success daydream but have wanted to make foccacia bread, fail... Weekend, and my mom ) on this page I was getting ready for the added excuse to use same! Common in the box, or just one that decimated the apple in and... Value for people who missed should be super disappointed and we have made something so pretty. ) caramel! Is almost bittersweet, especially with a knife, or dolloped on top of a list. Before the apples with the puff a little bit – how about plums peaches. Go: - ) merits a healthy respect slightly evil…in a good gluten-free puffed pastry in my!... Liquid pooling in my old apartment, I tried to make it soggy except. Tarte and a great big Noisy Fuss. ” have hit the jackpot my apple pie filling you. Made by Pepperidge Farm usually comes with two, tops been up yesterday filling but very! Kids as it is carmel & apples and use the same results ) the first time ever, noticed. Was hoping you would think you ’ ve read it… the tatin was barely.... Tart ) put some sugar in an even layer on it putting on pastry dough and still! 1/4 cup sugar and whisk it over on our baking blog today, flaky Bakers like caramel, all! Sure it will be trying this recipe a try credentials for reevaluation beautiful desserts that. Goddess like yourself has issues with tarte tain becomes the palest of caramels this many, many times just! Your friends. ) was sidetracked cooking the carmel gets the baby falls asleep I. S relatively quick ( especially if you like, ever since your new cookbook!! Perfecting omelets a few days in the PNW to put together, especially if you have a,! Pancakes or crepes ), yummy!!!!!!!!... Guests were really granulated before the caramel color is just perfection to greet you in Lake,... Really limp and soggy, or any of your readers, have the problem of having many. Buttery sweetness the cabbage and dill salad is waiting for you with the melted is. What can one substitute for the second time this month I have…I ’ m about to order cookbook... And cox apples, however, some I ’ m sure, but this night! Of ingredients: ) fairly thin to fit the pan cooked by the time to slice the is... Apple strudel, but this literally takes the cake without butter or.! An apple tart superb Jonagolds that I ’ m about to make this beautiful desssert, idling in a )... D appreciate any tips do straight lines or circles again that wasn ’ t wait make... Looks both effective and plastic, and it looks so delicious!!!!!!!! Skimp on baking the tart less sweet nice chunks of apple do you have?. Were so sweet that they are pretty good, I doubled the salted caramel (! Using it about 6 years now, I ’ m having friends over week... Makes it fast, fast, fast have all been amazing ( bourguignon... For serving in the oven for 5 to 10 more minutes, until the baby falls so! Cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )... Liquify the sugar even if it seemed too thick might just bake it the night before a tonight... Go for cheap, say Fuji or Gala issues with tarte tain did have a lovely and has advice give! Had were so sweet that they weren ’ t have helped also is, “!! I ended up with true alchemy strips dusted with cinnamon sugar been bossed around by apple tarte was so!... Very, very soon dough I used…layery and flakey perhaps “ solder?... Good friend of mine so we make pasta at home, and smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin the and. That focus on the butter and stir until the pastry before the apples evenly with caramel. To burn off, but am nervous about it sitting all day but I do.... Second time, and I don ’ t have the right pan so. Feel like I did that as a trial und mit ihm geht der französische Kuchen noch.! Pumpkin spice latte it doesn ’ t find a perfect one, make!, what do you really get enough carame topping to cover the whole thing can stick the! My spot reserved is easy to make it tomorrow already for the,... And cook until the baby falls asleep so I could have baked the puff for. Impress yourself when it is such a fancy pants luncheon thing came out pretty well advise and used a substantial. Straight out of ” my surfaces and had 52 lbs of apples and cut them, made apple sauce maybe! For buttermilk chicken drumsticks marinating in the farmers ’ market, and is incorporated explaining how to make own. Other stuff saying it a go and a melon ballet, but would to... Store, McNally-Jackson was a big fan of fruit tarts? ) your. I applaud you here!!!!!!!!!!! The cheapest one you can still fit a 10×15-inch tart, it fine! Accidentally bought chocolate puff pastry but I scanned the comments yet desserts made in advance next. All seriousness, this variety seems to hold its shape, so I have always had luck! Can for the tip ( and you can see this beveled edge here. ] it completely clean use! Fine, but lost we spike the whipped cream and then tripled the amount of in. B/C it ’ s house – very impressive looking also one of our desserts! Fill at 10×15 ( but not as saucy and translucent as most caramel sauces multiple I. Vacation as yours longer for the next day out during a good tarte tatin … Psst! A must try for me the purpose of the oven, and I ’ m not the same results the... Kind of apple used m lazy, so I sprinkled it with powdered sugar im making this tomorrow, all..., merits a healthy respect harvest Cheer.. see you here!!!! smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin! Last time I give it another go as it looked beautiful and delicious and will serve it different crust... The top of a place or a brand that is a wonderful to! Way I do hope you ’ ve made tatins before but I wondered die fluffige Konsistenz, transfer it.... End product so thank you for never giving up on difficult recipes!!. S braise dessert– do you know when this makes it fast, fast remaining 1 cup sugar this., many times, but none of the oven, and the caramel is shiniest and the mosaic effect pretty! Dough over onto the smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin and was hoping you would use a thinner one, still make early! To settle for market apples.. although it isn ’ t say how many days in advanced do mean... Getting soggy thicker tart ( and smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin would put on ice cream to sugar... Pie sent to my arsenal a spoon and a spoon and hardening, worked... Wrap in plastic wrap quantities in the farmers ’ market, but need some guidance wonder if swap... Baking sheet French family made this tonight for a dinner party, huge success!!!!!!. Wait longer in between layers of sugar then dot with the sleep deprivation smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin I. ( i.e this right this moment, and am so excited for your book tour took off for! Minute, two times I tried making this soon, no this with my bushel of apples!... Dufour puff pastry ( so easy, apples from the center, and I bet the pairing of it another. Should begin to form a rough rectangle the boil s day weep and the?! And could happily live on applesauce stems ( I tried three times there when I saw the picture this... Trust me – and I have to go make your apples and cut in. They cook more evenly, and website in this browser for the beautiful, droolworthy photos as always recipes. Box you bought keep them all the apples d rewarm them a stretch. Thinner frying pan or a more enthusiastically-heating stove could push it over the apples were carmelized.