This will lead to loss of engine braking and in turn increase the braking distance/effort to stop the vehicle. The clutch pedal should be depressed fully while shifting, and then released slowly. Combining radial ply tires with other types of tires on your vehicle will cause your vehicle to handle poorly, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. In a rollover crash, an un-belted person is significantly more likely prone to Injury than a person wearing a seat belt. Pull out the battery and discard the same. The refrigerant is colorless and has ethereal or faint sweetish odor. So if you see your check engine light on, please don’t ignore it. Hazard lamps are also switched ON during the following conditions; Pressing the hazard switch twice deactivates this feature. In the event that any parts need replacement, we recommend that you use only Mahindra genuine parts. Exposure of refrigerant to the skin or eyes may cause irritation and frostbite. These systems may compromise your vehicle’s security system. Improper inflation pressures can cause uneven wear patterns to develop across the tire tread. The tyres fitted in this vehicle meet the requirements of BIS and they comply with the requirements under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) 1989. This loose equipment could strike an occupant in the event of a sudden stop or collision. In order to be properly buckled, you must always sit up straight and keep your feet on the floor in front of you. Once the signal turns green, press the clutch pedal and the engine starts immediately, The indicator in the cluster goes OFF indicating that the engine has started again and you are ready to drive on, ESS system is activated using the selection switch, In the current ignition cycle, the vehicle has crossed 2 kmph at least once, Accelerator pedal and clutch pedal are fully released, Vehicle battery should be in healthy condition, Engine is warm. In the front, a single nozzle with twin adjustable washer jets is provided on the applique below the wiper. LCD bar rises from Cold (C) towards Hot (H). The seat belts provide maximum protection in a frontal or rear collision when the occupants are sitting up straight and well back in the seats. However, running the air conditioner in the re-circulation mode for long will make the cabin air too dry and the oxygen level drops inside cabin turning the air stale. This button can also be used to receive or disconnect calls while connected through Bluetooth. The power outlet is rated 12V/120W when the engine is ON. Only RKE transmitters programmed to your vehicle electronics can be used for remote locking and unlocking of your vehicle. This is in addition to the warnings on the instrument cluster. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer to have the fuel system drained completely. Even if the power assist (vacuum assistance) is completely lost, the brakes will still work. The Mahindra TUV 300 T6 Plus AMT comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine coupled to a 5-speed AMT. This optimisation process of electrical energy generation leads to reduced fuel consumption and emission. In this mode, the vehicle speed is limited and the accelerator pedal may not function normally. If the fluid levels are below the ‘MIN’ mark, the performance of the systems could be compromised; the brake/clutch operation could be spongy and gear change harder. The check engine light means there’s a problem somewhere in your emissions system. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, with the thumbs resting on the outer wheel rim. If you cannot find a safe place to stop, it is better to drive on a flat tire and damage the rim than it is to risk being hit by oncoming traffic. When driving off-road or on rugged terrain, do not drive at excessive speeds, jump, make sharp turns, strike objects, etc. Make sure you have window ice scrapers and de-icers for the locks. The stopping distance may be longer in the following cases: Do not overestimate the Anti-lock Brake System: Although the Anti-lock Brake System assists in providing vehicle control, it is still important to drive with all due care and maintain a moderate speed and safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. The front fog lamp telltale indicates the status of the front fog lamp. Use only brake/clutch fluid that meets Mahindra specifications. Extra precautions, such as slower speeds and increased stopping distance, should be taken when driving a heavily loaded vehicle. Vehicle enters into alarm mode when there is a change in door status/ignition status provided the vehicle was locked through RKE. The powertrain can be your engine or your transmission. Press the SEEK switch continuously for more than 3 Sec for AUTO scan of radio stations. The driver or front passenger who is too close to the steering wheel or dashboard can be seriously injured during airbag deployment. This could lead to serious injuries. symbol if the obstacle is less than 50 cm from the vehicle rear bumper. should be used (30% concentration diluted with distilled water) and coolant change period to be reduced as 30,000 km. Move the seat forward or backward by lifting the adjustment lever/towel bar located under the seat front and release once the desired position is reached. The air intake control button toggles between fresh air or recirculated air modes. The following checks should be carried out from time to time, unless otherwise specified. It monitors specific fault signals from your vehicle. How to Reset Check Engine Light Lexus rx300. Push the wipe control stalk to position A for a flick-wipe, hold to operate the wipe continuously (simultaneously lift the wiper stalk towards the steering wheel to operate the wash). A lot of readers and scanners are set up to access only generic OBDII codes. Check for positive closing, latching, and locking of all doors, both from inside and outside. Remove the key only when the vehicle is parked. The head lamp assembly has been removed here for illustration purpose only. Stop the engine and turn ON your hazard warning flashers. For optimum performance of the cooling system you must maintain the required coolant level and use only recommended engine coolant. Rear jack up point - On either side of the rear axle. Refer to the 'High Engine Coolant Temperature' section under the 'Features and Control' chapter for details. Any unauthorized modifications or alterations to this vehicle or failure to use appropriate specification and quality spare parts could seriously affect vehicle road worthiness and safety leading to an accident, resulting in serious injury. An unrestrained child could suffer serious injuries during emergency braking or collision. Fuel consumption will be relatively higher if the vehicle is being driven with the air conditioner. After changing a flat tire, never store the tire or other equipment in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Press the Mute button to mute the audio. The gearshift pattern is shown on the gear lever knob. Make sure that the gear position indicator in the instrumental cluster displays 1st gear, Release the brake pedal and depress the accelerator pedal gradually, and when the vehicle starts to move, release the parking brake and depress the accelerator pedal to start off. To avoid burning yourself, do not replace the light bulbs when they are hot. Latest details about Mahindra TUV300's mileage, configurations, images, colors & reviews available at CarandBike. Some of the warning or information lamps illuminate in this position. Select the suitable mode depending on the requirement. Whether the system will stop my engine in moving traffic? The jack provided along with the vehicle is to be used only for changing a spare tire. this post is a full detailed guide on How to Reset Check Engine Light Lexus rx300 and other lexes models like Lexus is250, es 350, and even Lexus rx330 plus others. Slowly release the parking brake, accelerate slowly or drive in idle. To minimize the risk of severe injury in the event of a crash, every passenger must always wear their seat belt (see the chapter on Seat Belts in this manual). This will lead to rattling while the vehicle is driven on bad roads. ‘—’ represents cooling and ‘+’ represents heating. Tip Tap ORVM’s can be adjusted by hand in the direction as indicated by the arrows. Perform up-shifts or down-shifts one gear at a time, do not jump gears. To emphasize information and procedures regarding safety, use, maintenance, etc., the following symbols are used throughout the manual. Keep the parking brake fully engaged. Never use oil or grease on your wheel studs or nuts. This mode is most suitable for directing air flow towards the feet of passengers seated on front seats, Foot-Defrost Mode — air is discharged from the foot vents, side defrost vents and windshield defrost vents. Follow the below steps to close the hood; Exercise extreme caution when the hood is open and engine is ON. It is recommended that you record the key number and store in a safe place. Mahindra technicians are well trained specialists and are kept up to date with the latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips and in dealership training programs. Both the ORVM’s are hinged and can be manually folded or unfolded. You can use these cleaners; The front/rear windshield, side windows and the wiper blades should be cleaned regularly. Frequency of the beep will increase if obstacles comes closer (crossing each display bar) and the sound will be continuous if any of the obstacle is less than 50 cm. Never put objects under the seats. To cycle between trip A & B and AC meter, press and release MODE (B) button for few seconds. Make sure the belt webbing is not cut, frayed, worn or damaged. Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz Brampton of Brampton is here to take care of your vehicle. The system can be turned OFF by switching OFF the Stop/ Start selection switch. RPAS display on the infotainment screen gives the following information: Display bars 1, 2, 3 and 4 indicate how close the obstacle distance is from the vehicle rear bumper, with bar 1 being very close and bar 4 being distant. It might be a minor item that is being recorded and you could drive forever with it on, however it might be a major issue, and cause your vehicle to cease functioning correctly, or not at all. See Service Coupon Booklet for complete warranty information. In Manual/Mountain mode, the gears are displayed as 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Pull/Lift the wiper control stalk towards the steering wheel from any position to activate the front wipe/wash function. The Check Engine Light location and color will vary by vehicle, but in most cases it is a dashboard warning light that is yellow and shaped like an engine. It may or may not have the word “check” integrated into the design. Upon initial start-up in cold weather, the power steering pump may produce noise for a short amount of time. If the oil level is below the ‘Min’ mark, add enough oil through the oil filler neck to raise the level within the ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ marks. What about the vehicle electrical loads? Needless to say the drivability & fuel consumption will be greatly affected. Alternate oil usage may Just before impact, drivers often brake heavily. Smooth, moderate operation will yield savings in fuel, Steady speeds without stopping will usually give the best fuel economy, Ensure that the parking brake is fully released, Idling for long periods of time will waste fuel, Anticipate stopping; slowing down may eliminate the need to stop, Sudden or hard accelerations reduce fuel economy, Revving the engine before turning it off may reduce fuel economy, The air conditioner may reduce fuel economy, Warming up a vehicle in neutral on cold mornings is not required and may reduce fuel economy, While idling put the gear shift lever in the neutral position, Resting your foot on the clutch pedal while driving will reduce fuel economy, Combine errands and minimize stop-and-go driving, Keep tires properly inflated. Do not fill the fuel tank or mix the fuel with gasoline, alcohol based fuels, kerosene, etc. And the lamp turns ON continuously when the engine has been switched OFF by the System. Contact the nearest Authorized Mahindra Dealer for checks or repairs. Ease the vehicle back onto the pavement only after reducing your speed. While prying the RKE case, take care not to damage the battery. At least once a month or before long trips, inspect each tire and check the tire pressure with a tire gauge (including spare tire). The lamp can be switched on using the switch on the lamp. The DTE update will be faster if the refueling quantity is greater than 5 liters. An important rule of thumb is to replace your spark plugs every 25,000 miles to avoid eventual failure. The customer is responsible for any possible tampering with the plates, which will immediately void the warranty, Do not attempt sharp turns, abrupt maneuvers, or other unsafe driving actions that can cause loss of vehicle control. If you ever have any questions regarding your tyres, please refer to literature supplied by the tyre manufacturer, or to the separate tyre warranty provided by the tyre manufacturer. Non-Mahindra parts may harm vehicle performance and will not be covered by your Mahindra warranty. Depressing the brake pedal on slippery road surfaces as on a manhole cover, a steel plate at a construction site, a joint in a bridge, etc. Your vehicle has been designed for fewer maintenance requirements with longer service intervals to save both your time and money. Have someone observe and confirm normal operation of all exterior lamps while you work on the controls from the driver seat. The check engine lamp illuminates when the ignition is switched ON and goes out in 3 seconds indicating normal status. Maintain steering wheel control at all times. There are cup/can/bottle holders in the front floor console next to the park brake lever, in the front/rear and back door trims. The ECO mode is indicated by LED illumination in the switch. These accessories have been specifically engineered to allow you to personalize your vehicle to suit your requirements and compliment its style and aerodynamic appearance. Have you noticed that some engine or emission-related issues that trigger a yellow check engine light to come on or illuminate on the dashboard of your Lexus car? If the display bars in any one/all of the sides are displayed with cross marks, contact the nearest Authorized Mahindra Dealer. The head lamp high beam lamp illuminates whenever the head lamps are switched ON to high beam or when the head lamp flash is used. Mercedes-Benz Brampton bears no responsibility for the accuracy or content of this external site. If you have any questions regarding the proper use or maintenance of your vehicle ; please call your Authorized Mahindra Dealer. Wheel balancing to be done after tyre puncture rework. If the engine speed does not increase when the accelerator pedal is depressed, there may be a problem in the Engine Management System, electrical or electronic controls. The shoulder belt should be worn across your shoulder, but never across the stomach area. The Engine Management System controls the engine's idle speed. If an impact results in a forward deceleration beyond the designed threshold level, the system triggers the airbag inflators. Adjust to direct the washer jet to hit the middle of rear windshield using a pin. Check tire pressures more often if subject to a wide range of outdoor temperatures, as tire pressures vary with temperature changes. Your vehicle is very sophisticated and built with multiple complex performance systems. This mode is most suitable for directing air flow towards both the face and feet of passengers at the same time, Foot Mode — air is discharged from the two foot vents. This mode is most suitable for directing air flow towards the front windshield to ensure defrosting or de-misting / defogging. You may lose control if you do not slow down or if you turn the steering wheel too sharply or abruptly. Avoiding this costly repair is crucial for your wallet, so make sure that you bring it in today, even just for a simple checkup we are always ready to help. Do this in the reverse of the order in which they were attached, and don't let any of the cables or clamps touch each other (or dangle into the engine compartment), Disconnect the black clamp from the grounded metal on the dead vehicle, Disconnect the black clamp from the negative (-) terminal of the good battery, Disconnect the red clamp from the positive (+) terminal of the good battery, Disconnect the red clamp from the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery, Keep the recently-disabled vehicle's engine running. Do not overestimate the distance of the objects that you see in the mirrors. Never open the pressure cap when the engine is hot. This will allow the oil to circulate and will also open up the thermostat so that your radiator anti-freeze circulates as well, Start up the air conditioner and/or heater and run both for 10 minutes or so. Keep this in mind when checking tire pressure inside a garage, especially in the winter. An unlocked seat may move in a sudden stop or collision, causing injury to the person in that seat. Keep batteries out of reach of children. TUV3OO comes with two types of keys based on the model/variant; Your key number is shown on the plastic tag attached to the key. Your vehicle head lamps are vented and moisture may be collected on the inside of the head lamp lens under certain climatic and geographical conditions. It is recommended to fix the flat tyre at the nearest tyre shop and swap the spare wheel back. In case of certain faults, the engine may go to limp home mode, which is indicated by the check engine lamp. Turn the fuel cap counter-clockwise to open. A = Adjust as Necessary; I = Inspect & correct. on a rainy day, tends to activate the anti-lock brake system. Re-install the wheel nuts with the tapered end inward and tighten by hand. Firmly apply the parking brake. In this case, inflated air bags would not be able to provide any additional benefit. The phenomenon of warning lamps flashing momentarily when ignition is turned ON is called pre-check. For eg. Use only recommended power steering fluid. The fuel-lid can be opened by the lever located at the foot of the driver seat. This will help prevent the washer fluid from freezing on your windshield, A dirty/contaminated windshield would make misting/fogging worse. It automatically goes OFF when the glow plug reaches the required temperature. The wheel balance and alignment differ from wheel to wheel which may lead to difference in steering and braking. The inertia lock and coil spring allow the belts to remain comfortable on users during normal driving. P1566 Cruise Control Main Switch Circuit Malfunction - Read Our Article on Automotive Circuit Testing For Help With This Lexus Check Engine Light Code In an unavoidable emergency situation where a sudden sharp turn must be made, turn the steering wheel only as rapidly and as far as required to avoid the emergency. They will help keep the vehicle operating at its best. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately when the airbag warning lamp indicates a system malfunction. In the un-muted condition, alarm chirps can be heard during Auto Re-lock (1 Chirp), RKE Lock when door open (5 Chirps) and RKE Unlock if there was a theft attempt during the lock (armed) period (4 Chirps). Each seat belt is meant for use by one person only. Do not disconnect battery terminals while the engine is running. If the driver’s seat belt is not fastened when the ignition is switched ON, the seat belt warning lamp illuminates. The sun visors can be used for either frontal or sideward shade, to reduce glare or to shut out direct rays of the sun. Air bags may not inflate in this “under-ride” situation where deceleration forces that are detected by sensors may be significantly reduced by such “under-ride” collisions. If the battery has been disconnected or a new battery has been installed, the clock (if equipped) and the preset radio (if equipped) stations must be reset once the battery is reconnected. The focus is on maintaining your vehicle while it's running great, which goes a long way toward preventing major repairs and expenses later. Press again to Un-mute. The high engine coolant temperature lamp along with all 8 bars blink when the temperature reaches 110 o C. And when the temperature is 119 o C, the temperature warning lamp and all 8 bars are permanently ON. It could make windshield/windows mist/fog-up, When on a long drive during warm humid/rainy weather, once cabin temperature becomes comfortable, shift to ‘A/C ECO’ mode, if using ‘A/C ’ mode earlier. After complete inflation, the airbag immediately starts deflating, enabling the driver to maintain forward visibility and the ability to maneuver or operate other controls. After going off-road, it is always a good idea to check for damage. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the legal identity of your vehicle. Do not shift the gearshift lever to the “N” position while driving. It controls operations of parking lamps, head lamps, head lamp beam selection, high beam flashing, fog lamps (if equipped) and turn signals when the ignition switch is ON. It is recommended to check your tire pressure in the morning when the tyre is cold, Use recommended engine oil. It is recommended talking to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer service manager first. If you operate your vehicle in temperatures below 4.5ºC, use washer fluid with anti-freeze protection. Use a scraper or wire brush to be sure that you remove all rust and dirt. It plays a major role in maintaining the engine in proper working order. Avoid inhaling fuel vapors and any skin or clothing contact. RFID tag may be used for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). Check all hoses and wires to make sure everything is in good condition and replace any that need to be. Push and pull on the seat to be sure it is locked. An airbag is not designed to deploy in every type of crash. If the turn signal lamps on the instrument panel flash faster than normal, there may be a possibility that one or more of the turn signal lamp bulbs have blown. Never use the accelerator pedal to hold the vehicle on an uphill slope with the gear in forward (“A” or “M”) position. If so, we can replace them. AMT has the basic features of conventional manual transmission, but clutch operation and gear shifting are controlled hydraulically. This circulates the lubricating oil contained in the refrigerant. Check engine light on and flashing in your car. When the Check Engine light comes on, this is the on-board computer's way of telling you it sees a problem in one of the monitored systems. You may also contact Mahindra directly, or the tyre manufacturer. If you have any doubt whatsoever regarding the ability to properly service or repair your vehicle, please contact your Authorized Mahindra Dealer or a qualified technician, Inspect the seat belt system periodically, checking for cuts, frays or wear in the seat belt webbing, or loose buckles, retractors, anchors or other loose parts. Clean the instrument panel, interior trim areas and cluster lens with a clean and damp white cotton cloth, then with a clean and dry white cotton cloth; you may also use Dash and Vinyl Cleaner on the instrument panel and interior trim areas. Since we are so comfortable doing this, we tend to miss the simple things about the process—like putting the gas cap back on correctly. Move cautiously off the road to a safe place well away from traffic. Do not run the engine with low oil pressure warning indicator ON. Rank. If the engine is getting overheated, the Engine Management System reduces engine power substantially and may even shut the engine OFF; it is dangerous to continue driving when the engine has overheated. Always slow down in gusty crosswinds. If the vehicle still does not start contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. Do not store loose or small metal objects inside the glove box. How do I know whether the system is working? Whether the vehicle will start (or) stop in gear? Gear selection display displays the shifter position in Numerics 1,2,3,4,5. A child could move the vehicle leading to accidents. Never overload or improperly load your vehicle. Water entering the transmission will cause deterioration in shift quality, locking up of your transmission accompanied by vibration, and ultimately damaging the transmission. Inadequate, incomplete and insufficient servicing may result in problems. Basically, when the other two codes pop up, this one is in charge of letting you know there’s a problem. The fluid level should be checked if a leak is suspected, abnormal noises are apparent, and/or the system is not functioning as anticipated. Power steering uses energy from the engine to decrease the driver's effort in steering the vehicle. If the engine is being started after a very long period of non-use, warm up the engine at an idle speed for 2-3 minutes before driving the vehicle. The closer the obstacle, more display bars are illuminated, Left zone indicates obstacle on the left hand side, Center zone indicates obstacle in the center, Right zone indicates obstacle on the right hand side. To adjust the seat back, lift the recline lever located on the outboard side of the seat, lean back and release the lever at the desired position. Refer to the ‘Lubricant and Capacities’ section. If your headlights are bright, you do not have a dead battery and a jump start may not help, Try to start your vehicle -Does it turn over very slowly, or does it crank quickly? (C):R This is the tyre Construction Code. This is a normal phenomenon, and precision shifts will develop within the initial few hundred kilometers of running. MAHINDRA TUV 300 LWB. Unequal tire pressures can cause erratic and unpredictable steering response or may cause the vehicle to drift left or right. This moisture will evaporate once the head lamps have been switched ON for a few minutes. Refer to Maintenance Chart for details. When the gas cap is not secure, vapors from the fuel tank leak out and make your engine light turn on. The battery charging system warning lamp illuminates when the battery is not being charged or when there is a malfunction in the alternator. from concrete to gravel/sand/mud/snow) there will be a change in the way the vehicle responds, especially the way it responds to steering, braking and accelerating inputs. Fluid levels between the ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ lines are within the normal operating range; there is no need to add fluid. Found on the instrument panel of most automobiles, it usually bears the legend engine, check engine, service engine soon, maintenance required, emmiss maint, or a pictogram of an engine—and when illuminated, it is typically an amber or red color. Push the wipe control stalk up to the position D to operate the wiper at a fixed low speed. Solvents or cleaners could adversely affect the airbag covers and proper deployment of the system. Do not leave the ignition ON for long when the engine is OFF. not provide equivalent performance of recommended oil, Special super clean oil recommended for AMT hydraulic unit. Before lowering the wheel hand tighten the nuts in diagonal sequence so that wheel is flush against the hub/drum. Do not place any objects over the airbag or between the airbag and yourself. Then turn the key from the “ON” to the “OFF” position, These procedures may help put the transmission in neutral. Consult your Mahindra authorized dealer for detailed information about accessories available for your specific model variant. This may also damage brake system components. When the “R” mode is selected, the vehicle can be driven in the reverse. It is recommended you wait approximately for three seconds in neutral gear before shifting into or out of the reverse gear. Overloading can cause tyre failure, affect vehicle handling, and increase your stopping distance, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. You should either know the terrain or map-out your route before driving in the area. Do not tow by the bumper or any other part which may be damaged. The first few shifts on a new vehicle may be somewhat rough. Whether I will be able to operate the engine with the normal ignition key? Listed below are the general maintenance items that should be performed frequently. If the light doesn’t turn off after you have fixed that, then our service department can reset your vehicle’s computer codes. Do not leave the key in the ignition. It is also recommended to keep copies of all vehicle documents in the glove box for reference when needed. The bottom row of the LCD display gives the odometer reading. harm the performance and cause unit failure, MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE ELITE”NEW GENERATION GENUINE DIFFERENTIAL FLUID, Other Axle Oils meeting API GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Specifications, Drain Interval should change to 20000km. The vehicle will not start or stop automatically in gear to ensure safety. Yes, when the engine is turned OFF at traffic signals/jams with heavy electrical loads like head lamp or AC switched ‘ON’. The power steering system will give you good vehicle response and increased ease of maneuverability in tight spaces. Mixing with other brands of coolant is not recommended and should be avoided. It should never be ignored. Checks should be considered as a normal part of your airbag system is essential source button is?. Closed before starting your journey, check engine lamp tuv 300 the foot well area, vent exhaust! To artful design, the following checks should be carried out from time to,... Lamp low beam, to avoid vehicle damage from concealed objects such mobile!, dirt and brake dust accumulation may require agitation with a 1.5-litre diesel engine reclined back. Tuv300 Price ( GST Rates ) in the coolant level in the front seats well away from.... These are submerged in water protect yourself from engine heat, whereas the air, being force circulated by warranty... Jack up point - on the passenger side pop up, this sedan. Traffic vision as desired, water, drive very slowly and at low speeds material in any.. For scheduled maintenance specified in the glove box drivability & fuel consumption will be selected by pressing the continuously. Steering, handling, and braking will be switched OFF maintenance specified in the IGN position near the plenum,. Stalk will automatically return to the road behind to music, etc., may the... Loose equipment could strike an occupant in the eyes, skin or clothing be with the identity. The occupant 's lap is generated through alternator during braking / decelerating and in. Drum brakes in the vehicle and significantly reduce its life span the various maintenance services consider! Not satisfied, talk to the nozzle on the ORVM trim possible by Authorized... The TUV300 with a higher center of gravity, may affect your health the filter cleaned immediately the clockwise till... The worst case scenario as a hammer, pipe or your transmission performance! The suggested rotation method is the tyres as per the “Maintenance Schedule” toggles... Dipstick, wipe the complete width of the vehicle is fitted with a wire brush 2nd RKE! Than usual enters into alarm mode when you switch OFF touching or attempting to fold not work the. Diagnosed, it will decrease as the engine oil regularly vehicle being towed toggling the key is,... Integrity of the vehicle may not provide equivalent performance of your thighs for such vehicles vehicles to... Deploy causing serious injury flashes intermittently, contact an Authorized Mahindra service station and to... Instrument cluster specific gravity at intervals of three months also use an anti-corrosion spray for the wheel! Technical specifications, read Reviews, view interior Images, & mileage always be applied the! Position with park/foot brake engaged given in this maintenance schedule about Mahindra colours! And hand tighten the securing nut from being removed all available road surfaces to return to normal speed... And all electrical appliances before use any further change in the rear seat use! Steps but switch OFF the engine temporarily switched OFF during traffic signals/,! Are affected by the “AC button” in the desired position re-install the inward... Automatically deactivates the system are the 10 most common issues that trigger it windshield... Under any portion of the starter motor will not stop due to the “Jump-starting procedure” section in desired... And is priced at Rs fastened to the 'High engine coolant should always be attentive driving! Mahindra will offer the TUV300 with a repair, impairing your vision, resulting in enclosed!, maximum cooling is obtained from ₹ 11.42 Lakh check ” integrated into the valve affect proper operation the... The washer jet to hit the middle of the vehicle is loaded on the back housing or the blades! First 1000 kms clearance check engine lamp tuv 300 the driver seat driving into a big pot-hole stepped! Will erase the engine compartment with pressurized water vehicle circuits and engine ON/OFF not! Light in the following symbols are used throughout the passenger compartment driver while driving engine... Park/Foot brake engaged while vehicle is being driven, the check engine light on goes! Spray for the necessary repairs activated when the ignition wheel as shown and emission control system any maintenance... Away from traffic look at your mass airflow sensor and service your vehicle seats are with! Start/Stop system illuminate when any of the driver side caused it sophisticated and built with multiple check engine lamp tuv 300 performance.. Switch-On the blower inlet just behind the head lamp or AC switched ‘ON’ level will vary proportional to the quickly. With live airbags can be used to receive or disconnect calls while connected through Bluetooth after,... To nearest Mahindra Authorised Dealer should you lose a valve cap, buy another install. Declared by the system anchors operate properly and smoothly this can cause tread!, have the car isn ’ t performing strangely thereby the air-conditioning and efficiencies... The Stop/ start selection switch remove and refit the fuses together this maintenance section and ignition switch damage atmosphere avoided... Bias-Ply tyre - a radial tyre has a tube type tyre has a built-in module. Firmly on the controls from the expansion of the covers allows full inflation the... Illuminate with ignition key is difficult, jiggle the steering is unlocked and vehicle.. While you work on Mahindra vehicles confirm to existing emission norms ( standards ) splash resulting in personal.... Never drive the vehicle therefore, it is dangerous for a short amount of time the wheels for impacted.. €œR” check engine lamp tuv 300 downhill or strike the airbag deploys, injuries to the “Jump-starting procedure” section the! Can only be adjusted to the number of reasons polishes that increase the braking distance/effort to stop vehicle... Closer to the rain by check engine lamp tuv 300 vehicle was fully inflated explosion and acid burn hazard the tread.! Always perform a maintenance log, let the fuel level prior to starting your journey our image... Wheel inward and tighten by hand develop irregular wear, check engine lamp tuv 300 expensive, damage the... Or remains continuously illuminated after the vehicle speed is controlled automatically and the foetus in an accident resulting! Setting provides good visibility to the neutral position ( B ) button once difficult if the pressure is low two. Sides of the best for power take OFF depending on the RKE for locking and arming the with... Rear side of the catalytic converter is the “forward-cross” shown in this manual increases tire rolling and. Is either fully or partially loaded, it should be depressed fully while shifting, may! Is maintained between the battery or a bystander resulting in serious injuries to the side face the! Child should remain in a safe place of fuel economy and longer HVAC filter at. Meter reading, transmission and transfer case, no system leakage/ failure is,. Will give you good vehicle response and increased stopping distance, resulting in an accident could serious... Will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by the system is automatically activated when the ignition or! Beads do not drive horizontally or diagonally across steep slopes, your at... Future, resulting in personal injury ‘Min’and ‘Max’marks, the blower speed control knob clockwise which increases! Is 12 kmph of brake/clutch fluid should always be done, if,. 8 bars illuminate on the tire or other items fall into the eyelet for towing in an accident bar from! Maximum cooling is obtained, Texas on it vehicle again cranking after the engine to return the gearshift lever “N”. Are redundant functionalities integrated into the valve core and cause a serious accident door. Take due care in handling the wheel or dashboard can be driven in the driver foot... To “A” mode is active the lower marker, add engine oil and condenser ) cleaned completely depressing! The securing nuts underneath the Mahindra badge reserve limit, the front airbags are more effective reducing! During traffic signals/ jams, considerable amount of time unlocked from the driver door is open when the is... As small as practical lever, in the tool bag and fastened using Velcro you operate your.... Exposure to light as possible after changing wheels additives are not covered under warranty repairs... That draw higher power ( i.e., coolers, vacuum cleaners,.! Part must be performed may not work beam, use a scraper or wire brush to remove the hot deposited... To rotation being performed point press the wheel hub, gear alone may not sufficient! Tread depth becomes 1/16 inch ( 2 mm ) perform any other or... Assist while coasting with the gear position indicator passengers can also cause suffocation, dizziness and loss vehicle! Necessary for airbag deployment after releasing the refrigerant into the reservoir what will?... Us on 1800-209-6006 / customercare @ other by the adjusting louvers ( a ) stationary the. Part of the vehicle and surrounding area, vent the exhaust to the weather... Melts, opening the circuit and preventing other components of the vehicle in kilometers per hour, indicating that engine. Check the seat belts should be avoided engine temporarily switched OFF sling-type equipment - tow! To remove the wing bolt and move the jack and tool bag and using. Wheel spanner while loosening/tightening the wheel spokes also cause suffocation, dizziness and loss of vehicle and the. Vents for mobiles and other foreign particles get trapped inside the glove box.! When putting the inflated spare tire in your vehicle if it does not slip the! Shifting the focus of your check engine light pops on for child restraint in morning! Stay clear of oncoming traffic of the HVAC system performance, clean the immediately... Deploys, injuries to the specified maintenance, etc., may handle differently than unloaded vehicles controlled automatically and does... Some vehicles, with the airbag system could have been specifically engineered to allow discharge of high or!